How to Send Fortigate Firewall Syslogs from Graylog to Grafana

I created Graylog to get the syslog from the Fortigate Firewall. Now I want to send fortigate firewall logs Graylog to Grafana. How to do it?

I am assuming you have tried the dashboards in Graylog and found them unsuitable.

Just for my own edification, what particular feature or use case are you looking to do in Grafana that can’t be accomplished with a Graylog dashboard?

I don’t know much about Grafana, but it seems like you could just make another syslog connection to your Grafana instance.

Thanks for your reply Faen,

I tried to analyze Firewall logs using Graylog. I sent my firewall logs to Graylog and it’s working. But it is not easy to understand. So that’s why I’m thinking of sending those logs to Grafana I saw Grafana is Good for Visualization Dashboard.

However, I didn’t find any method to send Graylog logs to Grafana.

Here’s a somewhat compressed view of a firewall dashboard I made in Graylog directly, if it gives you any inspiration. As I said, I don’t know much about Grafana, but Graylog’s visualization tools are pretty powerful.

Hello Face,

This was looking good. If you have this content pack I can use it and get some idea. If you have any chance share with me the content Pack.

Thank you for the compliment - I made this from scratch, so it is not a content pack. I will see if I can figure out how to export it to a content pack, but I will say, it was pretty easy to make. As long as you can get the search syntax down, it’s pretty much point and click.

Looks good man :+1: Nice

Oh thank you so much @faen