How to map private subnet IP in graylog?

(T J Yang) #1

I don’t yet have public IPs that can be mapped by maxmind geoip db(R1).

What is the solution to still be able to display private IP in map ?
Do I have to create my own geoip db ?
Who do you guys deal with this missed feature ?

R1: Map widget plugin

(Jan Doberstein) #2

hej @tjyang

with the new lookup tables you easily create your own geoid DB that contains the Information from your Network and add this as additional source.

That way you can run the maxmind geoip Lookups and your own in just one pipeline rule

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(T J Yang) #3

@jan, looking forward to try out lookup table in my 2.3.1 graylog cluster. Thanks for the pointer.

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