Hiding Certain field data after taken (IP address)

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hi everyone

So i have just started playing with graylog and we have a new law coming into affect in the EU very soon with IP addresses being personal data which means it will be against the law to store IP addresses.

is there a way we can send graylog the IP in which it uses maxmind to calculate the location and then automatically remove the IP address and keep the geolocation data from it?



Regardless of whether it is possible to do it or not, it does not solve your problem. The geolocation of a person is also personal data, not just the IP address.

(Jan Doberstein) #3

yes, that is possible.

One option would be the ip anon plugin or (better) hash the IP via the processing pipelines.

(Louis Kidd) #4

awesome answer, thanks man i’ll take a look at this option.


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