How to identify input from hex code?

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I have many inputs confuigured on different hosts. Now on some inputs I get msg about “unable to decode”.

In the message there is specific input identified only by its hex name ,for example <59dccb9dac68b10ce707ab98>

How can I tell which is the usual (human readable) name of this input

2017-12-13T13:05:13.248+01:00 ERROR [DecodingProcessor] Unable to decode raw message RawMessage{id=dfcb9322-dffd-11e7-a731-022128574717, journalOffset=2647489096, codec=gelf, payloadSize=146, timestamp=2017-12-13T12:05:13.247Z, remoteAddress=/} on input <59dccb9dac68b10ce707ab98>.

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You could use the GET /system/inputs/{inputId} resource in the Graylog REST API to identify the specific input.

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