How to exclude search results containing string?

When searching, how do I exclude log messages that contain a certain string? E.g. if I don’t want to see health checks like:

- - - [05/Dec/2019:15:18:33 -0800] "GET /admin/health HTTP/1.0" 200 15 "-" "nginx (health check g2s_status_up)" "-" 0.187

I’ve tried searching with:
NOT health
NOT “(health”
NOT “/admin/health”

And yet I still get results like the above.

I also have some kinds of healthchecks in my environment and here is what I can tell: if these requests are really meaningless it’s better to avoid them at all.
There are 2 possible ways: avoid it on Nginx level ( or drop such messages using Pipeline

Thanks for the suggestion. The health check is just my example. I was just looking for a general example and it looks like someone I work with found it.

I needed to do

NOT message:health*

Note that case for boolean terms like NOT and AND appears to be important.

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