How to exclude log with pipeline?

Hi everyone,

I would like to add pipeline to exclude automatically some logs ?
I think that I must use pipeline but I don’t know how ! I’m just beginning Graylog :slight_smile:

For example I would like to exclude log with such host or source.

For information I receive all logs with JSON format.

Yes, you can use the processing pipelines for that, see for details.

You can stop processing messages with the drop_message() function.


Ok thanks you for your answer but could you give me one example ?
I 'm not a good dev :slight_smile:

I try for drop message :
rule "drop cronjob"
has_field(“application_name”) && to_string($message.application_name) == "CRON"

Is it correct for you ?


that should work

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Ok thx and for my new pipeline

pipeline "My new pipeline"
stage 1 match all
rule “drop message”;

Looks fine.

Why don’t you just try it out instead of asking if it’s fine?

Now yes :slight_smile:

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