How to disable specified user?

1. Describe your incident:
I want to disable some users, but I don’t find the “disable” option.
Could you please tell me if there are any solutions for my scenario?

2. Describe your environment:
graylog 3.3.16


It been awhile since i used 3.3.x but there should be a drop down under " Users and Teams", but I think with version 3.3.x its called “Users and Roles”
I would look in that section.


I only can find “delete” option.

If you just want to temporarily disable a user without deleting, you could reset their password.
Another idea would be to remove all their permissions. But that’s more work to re-instate afterwards.

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Thanks.Resetting the password can be considered a solution.

i’m not shure, if this is implemented in 3.3.16. In later versions, you can change the status of a user to enabled, disabled or deleted using the API. This works only for locally authenticated users though. If your users are synced from LDAP, the dis-/en- abled setting from LDAP wins.

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I try it, and no this API in 3.3.16.
Do you know if there is a plug-in to disable user?

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