LDAP user account import through API call

Hey guys!

We are trying to assign certain streams to our users from the API. Our problem is: some users exists on LDAP but never logged on Graylog, so there are no graylog IDs associated to them yet. And, as it seems, it’s not possible to create a user through Graylog API with the ‘external’ field set to true.

Is it possible to ‘trigger’ the process that creates a Graylog user from LDAP from the API or to set the ‘external’ field to true with any other way?

A bit of context: we are trying to develop a solution that automates the creation of a user on all of our systems and automatically configure several aspects before they even access anything. We bumped on the fact that it seems we need to log on Graylog first to do any of his configuration.

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