How to create custom report

Hello; I have graylog enterprise and I would like to create custom report. that would send by email daily. But i don’t know how. All I want is for the graylog to send me the number of errors that came from difierent clients each day.

Somthing like -
serverA - 1
ServerB - 12

Most of them are windows server but we have switches and UX servers too. But I dont see the option anywhere to create custom report widget it just offers me to select one of the 3 useless widgets and I can’t see anywhere a way to create one. The ones that are already there are absolutely useless to me they may as well not be there at all.

So please can somebody tell me how one can create report widget or point me to one that can do what I need ? Please very very please.

Hello @praznovsky

My apologies, I don’t have Enterprise version yet but I might be able to help.
Looking at the documentation I see where it states widget include in the report.
How did you configure the widget in question?
If I’m reading this documentation correctly, it should show the widget information once it is added to the custom report, perhaps how the widget is configured could be the issue.

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