How to get Graylog to send email notifications for events

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Hi Everyone

We currently have Graylog running in our company. We have a requirement for reports to be sent on a weekly basis for certain events like Account lockouts.

What would be the best procedure to get this in place as I understand there is no reporting function built in with graylog ?



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So, you want to send an email when you receive a log of a certain type?
That is easily accomplished using Graylog alerts:

Once you have an alert, you can configure an e-mail Notification for that alert:

You then need to configure Graylog2 to connect correctly to your email manager via SMTP.
A discussion that may help you avoid some common caveats:

Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the information Pedro. This is already in place.

What we would like is to be able to setup a weekly report of an event for example account lockouts to be sent via email from graylog.

I have read around that this can be achieved by using graylog’s rest api and setting up a cron job which would then send a report of the events in question but not sure how this would be done.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Graylog Enterprise 3.0.0 will probably come with a reporting plugin which enables these use cases.

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