How to configure graylog under reverse proxy?

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How to configure graylog under reverse proxy?

Thank you very much.

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Please refer to the documentation at

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Thanks for information.

Let me try.

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edit this file?

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When I edit graylog.conf and then i restart by “sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure” configure within graylog.conf come back to default configure.

Please see image as below.

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If you’re using the OVA, you have to use graylog-ctl to change any settings. Manual changes to the Graylog configuration files will be overwritten when running graylog-ctl reconfigure.

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I use graylog-ctl reconfigure but configure file not change. still default configure.

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hej @cherawich

did you check the dokumentation for graylog-ctl?

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I try this command

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