How to configure graylog service to automatically restart when server(instance) reboots

Hi I have configured Graylog with Mongodb and ES as a service from AWS, when the instance is rebooted, the graylog service is not starting automatically on system reboots.

how to configure graylog on system reboots, please advice me.

Which Operating System are you using?
If you installed Graylog using RPM/DEB package, you should already have the Service created.
You can set a service to auto-start on reboot.

On Ubuntu, you can use systemctl enable <servicename> command.
On Redhat, you can use chkconfig <service> on

Thanks Sachin, I am using sysV(init System), so I have used sudo update-rc.d graylog-server defaults 95 10 command this works now.

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