How much do I need to upgrade mongo?

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I have Graylog 3.1.4, Elastic 5.6 and mongodb 2.6.10 version. I plan upgrade graylog and elastic, but do i need upgrade my mongodb ? Its need gradual upgrade from version to version. As i see in docs. Graylog, as i know, store only configuration in base. Or what if i upgrade my 2.6.10 to current 4.4 version ? Do i will lose all my graylog configuration ?


As for upgrading MongoDB, not sure. I personally would because of new features or security/performance issues.

Before any upgrade make sure you have backups.

When you plan on upgrading your graylog instance, I personall would check out these Links.

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Thanks for the reply. But the main questions are whether it is possible to upgrade mango from 2.6 to 4.4 directly without losing the graylog configuration. And does it make practical sense ?

I am not sure about the order to upgrade things in, but mongodb is supported up to v4.2

From: Operating System Packages — Graylog 4.0.0 documentation

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@Nessero it honestly depends on how you’ve deployed Mongo. Just Googling shows that you’re going to have to leapfrog versions.

In fact, Mongo has all of this listed for each version: Upgrade MongoDB to 3.0 — MongoDB Manual, so you can go from there. But just looking at their changelog, your path looks to be this:



I’ve already read the documentation, but thought there was a more flexible solution. But thanks anyway !

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