Migrate configuration or Upgrade?

Hi there, i have Graylog 2.0.3 (work fine for me) and i want to get 2.4.3.

I think that upgrade take to many upgrade versions steps (http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/upgrade/graylog-2.4.html), but i don’t see how migrate configuration: (mail configuration,Extractors,Streams,Alerts and etc…) I don’t care about logs on database.

Thanks a lot!

As I see there were a lot of changes in the config between the two version, and also the GL 2.4 allow the Elasticsearch 5, so maybe a clean install is better.
Maybe you can install a new server, with the new components, and change the ip to the origin. If you do a snapshot on the old elasticsearch, you can restore it to the new one.
Or the elasticsearch upgrade 2->5 not a big deal, so you can use the origin.
there is a lot of good solutions for it, all depends on you.

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If you want to Upgrade I’ll just highlight this from the docs:

You should always follow minor versions when updating across multiple versions to make sure necessary migrations are run correctly. The upgrade notes are always written coming from the stable release before.
source: http://docs.graylog.org/en/2.4/pages/upgrade.html

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Thanks all, for reply.

So, i agree with marko003 and install a new server.

There is a way to export configuration from old server and import on new server like Mail configuration,Extractors,Streams,Alerts and etc… ?

Thanks! Have a nice day!

the mail configuration is written to the server.conf. If you do a new installation you need to write that configuration file again.
Some of the configuration you are talking about can be used in a content pack that you create in the old system and then import into the new system.


This should help you

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And the things that are not part of content packs can be exported from the MongoDB backend. It can be a bit iffy if you’re new to the product, but it can work.

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I’ll do that when i got the server install ! Maybe ask for details. Thanks a lot!

How you do that? Thanks

Google is your friend :slight_smile:

Keywords to look for: Graylog mongodump mongoexport

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Thanks for the keywords :wink:

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