Help on compiling (with com.github.eirslett:frontend-maven-plugin)


We are having some issues compiling graylog2-server and it is related to com.github.eirslett:frontend-maven-plugin. Can I ask how other people resolve them? The command used is mvn clean install and the errors are:

On Ubuntu 16.04

Failed to execute goal com.github.eirslett:frontend-maven-plugin:1.8.0:install-node-and-yarn (install node and yarn) on project graylog2-server: Could not download Node.js: Got error code 404 from the server. -> [Help 1]

Suspected cause: wrong download path for nodejs
Reason to believe: last INFO log before the failure summary is:

[INFO] --- frontend-maven-plugin:1.8.0:install-node-and-yarn (install node and yarn) @ graylog2-server ---
[INFO] Installing node version v12.13.1
[INFO] Downloading to /home/ubuntu/.m2/repository/com/github/eirslett/node/12.13.1/node-12.13.1-linux-x86.tar.gz

and actually does not exist.


You need to download the node packages before building it.

Run npm install or yarn install on this folder before running mvn clean install . If you’re not sure about what you have installed on your machine, just run npm -v or yarn -v to see its version.

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