Help Needed with Graylog Pipeline - Conversion Issue

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering an issue in Graylog with a pipeline that has two rules:

Stage 6

rule "rtpengine mos"
  value: to_string($message."message"),
  search: "Average MOS"
  let gl2_fragment_grok_results = grok(
  pattern: "%{SYSLOGTIMESTAMP} %{SYSLOGHOST} %{SYSLOGPROG}: %{WORD:loglevel}: \\[%{DATA:call_id}(@%{DATA:cloud_ip}(:%{POSINT})?)?\\]:( \\[%{WORD}?\\])? ------ Average MOS %{BASE16FLOAT:average_mos}, lowest MOS %{BASE16FLOAT:lowest_mos} \\(at %{SECOND:start}\\), highest MOS %{BASE16FLOAT:highest_mos} \\(at %{SECOND:start2}\\)",
  value: to_string($message."message")
  fields: gl2_fragment_grok_results

Stage 7

rule "convert average_mos to numeric"
  let averageMosString = to_string($message.average_mos);
  let averageMosNumeric = to_double(averageMosString);
  set_field("average_mos_num", averageMosNumeric);


In Stage 6, the variable average_mos is created as a string. In Stage 7, average_mos is copied to a new field average_mos_num, which is then supposed to be converted to a double.

However, the issue I’m facing is that average_mos_num remains a string instead of being converted to a double.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue or have any suggestions on how to resolve this? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Sounds like an issue with dynamic field types.
If you rotate the index, does the problem persist?

Under “Configure Filebeat Field Types,” I select the field name and change the type, and I, of course, check the box for immediate rotation. However, when I search for the field name under /search/Fields, it still shows the type as STRING!

If I change the field name from:average_mos_num -> averagemosnum
,then the type is recognized correctly.

Changing the name is another way of dealing with wrong type mapping.
Since the name is new, the type is newly assigned.

If I create a new variable with the name ‘average_num’, the type remains an integer. If I create the variable ‘averagenum’, then the type can be selected.

On the left edge of the search screen is a Button that is labeled “X1”. Click it to see all the currently known field names and their type.
My guess is that average_num was already used. Double-check that you are using a previously unknown name.
I’d be very surprised if there was an issue with the underscore in a name, since it is so widely used.

I have now created a completely new variable and now it seems to be working, very strange, but thanks :slight_smile:

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