Pipeline help convert field numeric field

I am working on getting a field converted from string to numeric. it always comes in as a number but it is set as a string

i created a rule to convert it, but it doesn’t make any changes to the targeted logs. any help creating this pipeline would be very appreciated!

Pipeline rule

rule “IIS time-taken convert”
when has_field(“time-taken”)

//Converts the time-taken to a numeric field
set_field(“time-taken”, to_long($message.time-taken));

targeted field


Your field was previously mapped as string in elastic, so no convert can help. You need to either rotate index, or create custom index mapping for field.


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Ah okay, i thought you could do that with Pipelines!
i found another way, in Nxlog i could make that field send as a integer so when graloy gets it, its Long

Thanks again! you post helped me go the right direction!

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