GROK Pattern Skipping Data

I have a similar problem as:
I tried the example %{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:logdate}%{GREEDYDATA:UNWANTED} but it is not working.
I also have another question regarding how to extract some data.

My log entry looks similar to this:

2020-07-09 23:15:35.548 - successful
	Type:			execute
	Prepared:		true
	QL:				INSERT INTO tableName (cROWID,ccontextId,ccreationTime,cupdateTime,cclientId,ctime,cEnv,csolution,cgroupId,clocalId,cElementBuffer) VALUES ('144ddbc0-c23a-11ea-a7e2-5e34ac1e1037','0c52dbf2-c23a-11ea-894f-a878ac1e1036',1594336529000,1594336535108,'0689aa10-ff07-11e9-9cb5-aa1fac1b495c',-1,'000','MONITORING','0c52dbf2-c23a-11ea-894f-a878ac1e1036','0017364273',[bytes:382])
	Result-Count:	0
	Runtime:		7 ms

So far I have the following pattern:

%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:logdate}%{GREEDYDATA:UNWANTED} - %{DATA:state}\n\tType:\t\t\t%{DATA:UNWANTED}\n\tPrepared:\t\t%{DATA:UNWANTED}\n\tQL:\t\t\t\t%{DATA:QL}\n\tResult-Count:\t%{DATA:UNWANTED}\n\tRuntime:\t\t%{DATA:Runtime}

Somehow the solution from the other thread is not working and I still get a list of Year, Monthnum, etc.
The next thing I have no idea how to do the following: after the QL string I want the INSERT INTO table name, cRowId, and the Runtime extracted. Everything else I am not interessted in.
How do I do this? And how do I get the runtime value to display at the end?

Thx in advance!

Try to use this:


And check Named captures only

Thx. The time stamp and the runtime are now there like I want them.
I played around with it some more but can not find a solution for extracing only parts of what follows QL:
The tableName and the UUID in the values.
Is this possible?

If I undestand correctly, do you want to extract name of table from SQL insert, and one of the field from SQL insert - which one?

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