Greylog ReSt for Barchart

using Graylog 4.3.7 i’d like to get the same data coming from Stream bar chart

What is the correct ReST that I should use to have the same aggregated values?

Hey @gianluca-valentini

If I understand you correct, The metric from the bar chart you want the API?

Hi @gsmith
Yes. The api that i should use to have the same bar chart that we can see on the stream.

Thanks a lot


Good question, I’m unsure :laughing:.
I would need to check out the API browser on Graylog, or have you done that already?


I looked though my personal docs & I found this, not sure it will help

There should be something where you can specify the aggregation period (week, day, month and so on), the range, in order to have the data utile to have the same view :thinking: with that filters (stream Id too)

If the API does not work you can extract this out of MongoDb using

mongoexport  -u mongo_admin -p  password123 --collection=views --db=graylog --out=/var/log/dashboard.json

That puts it into a file , OR

mongoexport  -u mongo_admin -p  password123 --collection=views --db=graylog --pretty

Ok thanks :+1:
But is that a result that should change on incoming messages?
I will try as you suggest

So my script looks like this,

[graylog_user@graylog server]$ cat
#!/usr/bin/expect -f

        spawn mongoexport  -u mongo_admin -p  primalFear1967  --collection=traffic --db=graylog --out=/var/log/traffic.json

        spawn mongoexport  -u mongo_admin -p  password --collection=views --db=graylog --out=/var/log/dashboard.json

        spawn mongoexport  -u mongo_admin -p  password --collection=alerts --db=graylog --out=/var/log/events.json

        spawn mongoexport  -u mongo_admin -p  password --collection=streams --db=graylog --out=/var/log/streams/streams-$date.json
  expect eof
[graylog_user@graylog server]$

Connected to Cron

Widget from that ( before and after )

My sceario required something like rest api request with the response that I need to show like stream histogram.

I don’t address that using exported file as I have to filter using stream value

Only other thing I can think of is using the views/dashboards API,

That does give me a list of widget on that dashboard with the correct UID. not sure about stats what you want.

      "id": "61b1431428b37319e15ade65",
      "type": "DASHBOARD",
      "title": " Statistics ",
      "summary": " Statistics ",
      "description": " Statistics ",
      "search_id": "6350d441a8dd061f01244e40",
      "properties": [],
      "requires": {},
      "state": {
        "00000170-0e12-5080-8bf5-00155d601d11": {
          "selected_fields": null,
          "static_message_list_id": null,
          "titles": {
            "widget": {              
              "f968cfa9-63be-425f-a55a-a63b875d98a1": "All Messages",
              "2d7d372b-7593-423d-8f74-bef9a942692e": "WARNING",
              "c876fb0e-1bcf-448b-9a34-5e2871578325": "Messages for SourceModuleName:forum",
              "73430375-b0e1-4d2d-991e-e677227efff9": "Windows Failed Logon",
              "49493dfe-431e-4ecf-afd9-be43adc66d51": "count by SourceModuleName",
              "b40aea9d-e844-42c6-9bf7-2ee8df499b87": "Messages for stream_oids:62ff051e1e4cd17f63e69c53",            
              "a208d975-3b32-4972-ba00-d670867239fa": "Messages for service:X\\-WINDOWS",            
              "f5d240d8-8dca-464d-8e2c-83d2d369af2c": "Successful logon",
              "b8da22b5-f872-4e0e-9124-ce242bd8db20": "count by source",
              "8455868d-65e6-44b9-bd9c-a4d29d28f28b": "Messages for SourceModuleName:streams",
              "0782a354-5f62-4cb2-a9f3-b16b56ccbd5b": "Count by IP",
              "663cd66d-bf84-4946-adee-09e88ce30553": "Messages for SourceModuleName:traffic",
              "20631aeb-f950-4865-b2e0-5f4551dc5f9f": "Messages for SourceModuleName:mail",
              "4473dceb-3a5c-48fd-ad4b-538619920454": "Event Status",

My apologies, I don’t use API very much, I use Grafana & Prometheus //w Graylog it makes life a little easier.

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