Graylog2 plugin for Splunk

(Rigert Alekaj) #1


I have an instance of Graylog2 and am trying to send some logs from that instance to Splunk.
Currently i have a file server sending in data in Graylog2. I have configured a stream with the rules for the data i want to be sent to Splunk. I have configured an output that should send data to Splunk.

Currently the output has sent only like 5-7 events, while the stream has more than thousands of events.
Also the messages are shown in a strange format:

Am sure the configuration are as they should be…i configured the Data Input in Splunk to receive logs on the same port aas specified in the output configuration of Graylog2.

Has anybody else tried to configure the Graylog2 plugin and run into this problem?

Thank you,

(Jan Doberstein) #2

Hej @rregeA

what plugin did you use, with what Graylog version?

(Rigert Alekaj) #3

Hi Jan,

Currently am using graylog-plugin-splunk from this source:

Its version 0.4.0.

My graylog version is Graylog v2.2.0.

Thank you,

(Jan Doberstein) #4

Hej @rregeA

currently that Plugin is not checked working with the current Graylog Version - could you please check your Graylog Server Logfile and create an issue in the repository.

thank you

(Rigert Alekaj) #5

Hi Jan,

Thank you for your response.

What version of Graylog does the Plugin supports?

Thank you,

(Jochen) #6

graylog-plugin-splunk 0.4.0 was built against and should work with Graylog 2.0.x.