Graylog Web Interface Refusing Connection?

Hi all,
I’d been on vacation more than a week - to my knowledge the Graylog server was working fine, though I hadn’t checked on it in a bit. Last time I’d checked all was well.

Anyway, I came back and the Web interface refuses the connection. Tracert and Ping suggest it isn’t a firewall issue. Can anyone help me out?

My config:

More than happy to provide any documentation needed. Thanks.

What happens exactly? What is the message from the browser? Did you take a look into you graylog server logs? What graylog version do you have?

I don’t think it has something to do with the graylog.conf when no one changed something in your absence. And if someone did change something I could not judge if the configuration is matching your environment.

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Have you checked the graylog’s log?
I have one euro, the error will in it.

Also you sould check the other “graylog components”. eg. mongodb, elastic
You can also try tcpdump to check the traffic, maybe something interesting in it.

Like @konrad said: what’s the actual error symptoms? “It’s refusing connections” could literally be a dozen different things. So please provide screenshots and/or copy-pasta of the error message(s).

Thanks for the replies everyone. Here’s the screenshot:

Here’s what my log says:

Something to do with an XML config file?

All errors is ín the log file. Check it and fix it.
Do you prefer post or wire transfer? (My euro…)

More like your configuration :slight_smile: The very first two lines in your screenshot tell you why Graylog isn’t running.

@Totally_Not_A_Robot Oh…jeez. I’m guessing it’s because I used the address for my addresses. So if I change them to my static address it should be fine? Thanks again, sorry for missing the obvious ^^"

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Good luck Omar! You’ll get it working :slight_smile:

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