Graylog web interface not loading


I am setting up a Graylog server on an AWS EC2 instance. I’ve gotten as far as configuring the Graylog server, mongodb, and Elasticsearch correctly but I cannot seem to access the web interface.

I’ve set a DNS record for to the public IP of the server, and set my external uri and publish uri in the graylog configuration to I’ve set the bind address to the private IP of the server and am successfully able to curl http://<private-ip>:9000 and it returns the HTML for the graylog login page, so I know the server is working.

I’m guessing I just have some wrong configuration for the publish/external Uris or DNS or both. Does anyone happen do know what’s going on?

Thanks a lot in advance.

What error are you getting when you try to access the web interface?

@Ponet I’m not getting an error, just non stop loading and eventual timeout when trying to load the web interface from

I have a hunch that it could be the way I set up the DNS. Just a simple A record point that domain to the IP of the server. I can’t seem to find anything online about DNS setup with graylog, so just took a shot in the dark.

Have you opened port 9000 on the firewall?

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