Graylog v2.4 issue

I have just upgraded my graylog cluster to v2.4.But I got this error.

And I got this error when query in web interface.

My elasticsearch version is 5.5.1.I configed the graylog cluster and elasticsearch cluster the same document.
How can I fix it?
Thanks !

The more error is

When I call API to the metadata on mongodb, It worked.But when I call API to the data on elastichsearch, It allway reply is "{
“type”: “ApiError”,
“message”: “No Server is assigned to client to connect”
My elasticsearch cluster version is stiill 5.5.1 with my old graylog cluster version 2.3.1.
Is this error cause of old elasticsearch version???

My connection config between graylog and elasticsearch is:" elasticsearch_hosts = http://elas1-ip-private:9200,http://elas2-ip-private:9200,http://elas3-ip-private:9200"

how did you upgrade?

Did you consider the upgrade to the latest stable Elasticsearch 5.6 release?

Be a little more verbose on details of your setup and somebody might help.

Hi Jan,

I found error cause of enable option “elasticsearch_discovery_filter = rack:42”. I disabled it, then It worked.
And should I upgrade elasticsearch v5.5 t v5.6?

Yes, I would recommend upgrading to the latest stable version of Elasticsearch in the 5.x branch.

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