Graylog v2.4 issue

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I have just upgraded my graylog cluster to v2.4.But I got this error.

And I got this error when query in web interface.

My elasticsearch version is 5.5.1.I configed the graylog cluster and elasticsearch cluster the same document.
How can I fix it?
Thanks !

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The more error is

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When I call API to the metadata on mongodb, It worked.But when I call API to the data on elastichsearch, It allway reply is "{
“type”: “ApiError”,
“message”: “No Server is assigned to client to connect”
My elasticsearch cluster version is stiill 5.5.1 with my old graylog cluster version 2.3.1.
Is this error cause of old elasticsearch version???

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My connection config between graylog and elasticsearch is:" elasticsearch_hosts = http://elas1-ip-private:9200,http://elas2-ip-private:9200,http://elas3-ip-private:9200"

(Jan Doberstein) #5

how did you upgrade?

Did you consider the upgrade to the latest stable Elasticsearch 5.6 release?

Be a little more verbose on details of your setup and somebody might help.

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Hi Jan,

I found error cause of enable option “elasticsearch_discovery_filter = rack:42”. I disabled it, then It worked.
And should I upgrade elasticsearch v5.5 t v5.6?

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Yes, I would recommend upgrading to the latest stable version of Elasticsearch in the 5.x branch.

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