Graylog rest api query metrics max value

How can i do rest api query to get the MAX/SUM value from a metric ?
cant find it in rest api browser.

// Anders

Are you refering to something like this?

nope more like this status i what to get from rest api
like the sum(field) or max(field)


I did a little research on this subject in the lab. I also did not find a way to get the API for SUM/MAX.
The other tech’s and I were talking about this and the only option we could see at this moment is to create a bash script that would get the Dashboard/Views "id": "5a503769ffe8b131e9cb8e82", then the Widget ID `“widget”: {“73430375-b0e1-4d2d-991e-e677227efff9”: “Windows Failed Logon”.
and then send the value/s to Zabbix. I am curious about this subjct and would like to see if someone here has done this. Sorry I cant be more help.

yes this is also what i come up with… but i think the only way now is to do query to ES directly and use agg search.

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