Graylog rancher helm

Hi I’ve been set a horrible task by my manager to set up a kubernetes / rancher cluster and test graylog.
First problem was that as a network admin(in self isolation ) I had no idea about containers… yes still in the darkages!! In short I setup the cluster (eventualy! lol) and launched the helm chart for graylog everything went well and the workload deployed as expected. My problem is mostly rancher related but is stopping me progressing graylog. I’m embaressed to ask it but i need some very basic help… How do I set up nodeport or loadbalencing to graylog so i can access it! (told you it was basic) … this is stumping me and this sort of very basic opperation is never documented in a way newbies can understand! … we all haver to start somewhere so can someone help?
using latest rancher version 2.35

You can use it without loadbalancer first.

If you have multiple graylog server, you have to check your cluster settings.
Check graylog’s docs, there are all important infromation to the start (install, cluster things, inputs, etc)

hi Thanks for the reply … still trying to sort this. The chart installs everything as clusterIP so yes i could get to it localy within the cluster (can see it using curl) but i dont have a machine with a GUI. I have metalb installed in the rancher cluster (i followed some instructions on the net) … i see i have to create a config file but i’m not sure where that should be and how that is done with rancher …

Use google.
We can help to show the point, but we won’t do it instead of you.
You can get information about rancher and graylog also. You can find the graylog’s important files in the docs (eg. config file)
If you would like to someone who do it, you need a support company, who does it for money.

I can also suggest, to download graylog ova, and run it on your computer. It is good to understand it first, after that you can install a new graylog where do you want.

lol… you are quite right ! I’m not looking for anyone to do that for me just to point me along the right path… i’m new to container apps but not to IT. I will find a way but for once as the documentation is not very helpful and assumes a prior knowledge of containers I thought someone here who had had the same struggle might offfer some insights. The learning curve is almost vertical…
Thanks for the tip about graylog ova i’ll take a look.

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