Graylog-Pagerduty Integration

Hello everyone. I’m trying to integrate pager duty with my graylog 3.1. I already downloaded the pager duty jar v1.3 ( and added the jar to my graylog. When i try to create the alert i see that the only way to add the connection to pager duty is through the Legacy Alarm Callback, which is deprecated. My question is, will graylog eliminate the integration with pager duty or is there any other way to make the integration ?

The alerting was reworked fundamental in 3.1 - that is why each plugin that make use of alerting needs to be reworked too.

The Pagerduty Plugin is part of Graylog labs which is the Graylog organization for side projects. That means it might take some time that this will be picked up by someone.

Thank you for the answer @jan

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