Graylog alerts integration with PagerTree

(Santhosh Sabarish KM) #1

We have set up our Graylog server, but we need to create an incident in PagerTree whenever an alert is generated in Graylog. PagerTree is a DevOps incident management system, it can create alert and notifications through SMS, email, and phonecall.
We need to get a phone call from PagerTree on Graylog alerts to know there are some issues/threats in our systems, to do so, we have to call a PagerTree API on every alert. It looks like Graylog can make an HTTP request on alerts, but the request body and header cannot be set explicitly.
Is there any way to make an HTTP request on alerts with our own request body and header?

(Jan Doberstein) #2

the easiest solution would be to write your own alert plugin.

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