Graylog online training course

Can someone please let me know any Graylog online training course.
Education provider’s web link,please…
Thank you,

Graylog documentation -
Graylog blog -
Graylog Resources Library -

Graylog youtube channel -
3rd party youtube -

and when in doubt…

Thanks for the info.
Is there any instructor lead on-line courses?
( not just free youtube, I am looking for fee-classes.

None that I am aware of.

Most of us learn by reading the docs/forums and playing around with it.

There’s none that I’m aware of.

Keep in mind though that Graylog is built on other open source technologies that do have training. Elastic and MongoDB both have great training options.

Also, there may be some general training available through SANS or another 3rd party that might be relevant for what you need.

online courses are not given by Graylog.

Our Partner provide class room trainings a few times a year or you can book one of our engineers to provide exclusive training at your desired location. If you want to know more - please contact sales:

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