Is there any tutorial available for Graylog

Hi Guys,

I am a complete novice in Graylog/ELK and wanted to learn it from a log management perspective. I went through the documents but nothing is clear as such. Like what is extractor/input/streams etc

Check this great video about basic instruction for Graylog.

And also another videos:

More videos you can find in sections:

Docs are very good I think, try to read it from beginning to end, especially these sections:

And the best way is to try it, the simplest way is to download and use OVA image:

Hey OM,

I just installed Graylog the other day and I have zero experience with it as well as minimal Linux experience. I personally found it easier to install with Ubuntu than Centos.

Also if you want to integrate Graylog with Windows (NxLog) check out this video I found that helped me out:

Hi! check this playlist in youtube

that guy check every thing about graylog and he shows you!

good luck!

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