Minimum Skills to attend Graylog Analyst Training?

Hello All,
I am a current account executive supporting a large enterprise client that utilizes Graylog. Graylog management is contractually within scope for us, however our resource quit shortly after signing. We have had a nightmare of a time finding an internal resource, and external has proven to be similarly difficult (in addition to industry wide hiring strains). We are currently exploring the option of sending some of our resources to attend the Graylog analyst training, however we are unsure what the minimum skills required to be successful in this training. Forgive me for the potentially sparse information, I am not a technical person so I am doing my best.

Can anyone describe some of the minimum viable skills a person should have before attending Graylog analyst training? So far I have been able to glean a functional knowledge of Linux, but thats all i’ve been able to gather.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello && Welcome @NBenedetti!

Sorry to hear of your challenges, The opensource community would be happy to help on technical questions. For best effect someone who wants to jump into he deep end supporting a Graylog environment should have a good understanding of Linux, knowledge and some skill with regex/GROK, an analytical mind for breaking out log files and connecting events from multiple sources … and a structured work ethic to build efficient and stable environments. Knowledge of MongoDB, Elasticsearch/OpenSearch is certainly helpful.

For information on training and support, it would be best to work directly with Graylog Sales and Support (Both of those are web pages to fill out support requests - unfortunately there is no direct number available unless you are currently paying for support. Particularly since you are contractually obligated, I would follow that path directly to Graylog.

@dscryber works for Graylog - he can help you get to where you need to go - tagged so he can read and respond.

Thanks so much @tmacgbay for the quick reply and tagging @dscryber . This helps a ton.

Basically, I want to go out to my bench with a sort of “job posting” type framework. Would this be reasonable?

Minimum Requirements:
Solid understanding of Linux
Some skill with regex/GROK
Experience breaking out log files and connecting events

Some knowledge of MongoDB/Elasticsearch/OpenSearch

This is just the minimum to send someone to the analyst course. The environment is built, we just need the skill to monitor the events.

This is a good start, good luck with your search - Whoever you find can use this community as a resource as well!

Hi @NBenedetti,

@tmacgbay is giving good advice. If you need professional services, you should contact Graylog Sales.

will get you to someone who can help.

However, PS and training are available only to customers with an Operations or Security license. You would need to obtain a license before you could utilize either.

If you want to eliminate the care and feeding of the solution, you might consider our cloud offering. We handle the maintenance of the underlying platform, you are responsible only for the cloud forwarder and the specific configurations within Graylog itself (saved searches, user created dashboards, alerts, etc)


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