Graylog on centos7

hello everyone, I installed Graylog 2.5 in Centos 7…I want to have the logs of a switch and firewll palo-alto … Can anyone help me please and thanks

you should read the getting started guide!


Hi, Thanks jan , well , Graylog version 2.5 is installed in my centos 7…the problem is how i get firewall and Switch Logs. I put the firewall and Sw in System input in the interface web but i don’t have logs …I checked the network flow between the grylog and the firewall and the switch is allowed!

Is the sidecar running and do you see the sidecar on the webinterface?

Sory Lyro, i I did not understand you. sidecar ? what is the configuration that I need to put
in may graylog-server.conf to have Logs…I checked the port and the firewall protocol

In short, you need a service which ships the logfiles to your graylog. Did you read the documentation? I really recommend it.
should help you :slight_smile:


Lyro , on Centos7
$ sudo rpm -i collector-sidecar-0.0.9-1.x86_64.rpm

why you use this ancient version of the collector? The most recent version compatible with your Graylog is 0.1.8

Use that

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hi Jan i use Graylog 2.5

please Jan how i insall the version 0.1.8 on centos7

please read the docs:


how i install it centos c

Please how can i dowload this on centos7

did you checked the link in your browser? Thinking is allowed!

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yes is allowed but on centos7 server it is not :pensive::tired_face:

why is it not allowed to think when you use centOS7?

When you follow the link you will get the following picture:

Make a right click on the RPM you like to have, choose copy link location or whatever that is named in your OS language and use that URL in your wget. Alternative you can just type in


oh thanks Jan but i think i have connexion

problem with proxy