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I published a Plugin called “Telegram Alert” in the marketplace a few months ago,
however the information (Last Push, current release, Readme, etc.) is not being updated.

Is there some way of refreshing these infos? Why is it not done automatically?

I’d also suggest that instead of pointing the download button point to a fixed version,
just having it point to the latest release instead (<user>/<repo>/releases/latest).
Otherwise users will download old versions of the plugin which leads to more confusion and unnecessary support requests.

@irgendwr Thanks for your feedback! We’ll check why the automatic update doesn’t work anymore.

For reference:

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Thanks for the fast response! :smiley:

bump so this won’t be closed automatically

@lennart was going to take a look at the issue.

I don’t like to be the annoying guy who’s just pushing his thread but this problem has existed for more than three months already :disappointed:

Sorry about the delay. The underlying problem was fixed and the updates are working as intended again.

Nice, thanks guys. :slight_smile:

I still have two problems with the marketplace though:

  1. It says that there is “No release yet” which is not true (I think this worked before).
  2. The images in the readme are not working since they are relative URLs.
    I guess I could also change them to be absolute in the readme but imho it would make sense to automatically rewrite relative URLs to absolute ones in the marketplace.

…and “Not found what you are looking for? Let us know what you’d like to see in the Marketplace!” points to a dead link ( ^^

Thanks for reporting this!

I’ve filed an internal ticket to fix that link.

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