Graylog Marketplace Update - Content Pack Preview

Hi There,

It looks like there is an issue updating the plugin in graylog marketplace. I’ve pushed a new readme.mb but the preview is still the old one.

Maybe the same like: Graylog Marketplace Update

Thanks in advance

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Yeah, basically partially the same problem. It wasn’t really fixed, I just gave up on bumping the thread.

On my Plugin it also still says ‘No release yet’ even though I already released multiple versions and the download button still points to an outdated version instead of the new one.

As mentioned in my first post:

I’d also suggest that instead of pointing the download button point to a fixed version,
just having it point to the latest release instead (<user>/<repo>/releases/latest).
Otherwise users will download old versions of the plugin which leads to more confusion and unnecessary support requests.

And my other points mentioned here where also not addressed.

The Marketplace should do a regular rescan of the submitted repositories. I’ll adress that internal.

thank you

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