Graylog in an Azure Scale Set

Hey all, it’s looking like Azure will be our cloud provider of choice for our new Graylog solution, and we’re intending to deploy/manage Graylog and Elasticsearch in an automated fashion with Terraform/Jenkins/Ansible.

If we were to use AWS, I would be looking to put the Graylog servers (with embedded MongoDB replica) in an auto scale group and use Lifecycle Hooks to ensure they didn’t stop a node until the journal was flushed and it was marked dead for the load balancer.

However, in Azure, I can’t seem to find an equivalent to this. They have custom extensions relating to installing applications (which we would use Ansible for), but I see nothing that really integrates at a higher level than that where I can call a custom script to determine the journal and load balancer status.

Has anyone looked into this at all who has a bit more knowledge in Azure than I? I’m pretty new to it and may be missing something.

I’m aware this is more of an Azure question than a Graylog question, but I’m hopeful someone somewhere has looked into this…

Cheers, Pete

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