Azure load balancer with graylog

Hello community, I did the setup graylog cluster which run on three docker host and it has 3 nodes, so right now i want to implement Azure load balancer which will send UDP GELF logs to all 3 nodes randomly, i have seen some post which says GELF UDP is inherently unfriendly for load balancers due to its chunking characteristics. All chunks (UDP packets) of a GELF message have to be sent to the same Graylog node for processing.

so my question is it possible to setup Azure load balancer in front of graylog for logs only because i am expecting a large number of logs will come to graylog?

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You should ask it from azure.
Have you tried tha hash based distribution?

Why you use UDP? Use TCP, I think the loadbalancers will send one TCP stream to one GL server.

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