Graylog Dynamic scaling

Hi Team, I have a quick question regarding Graylog…is it possible to scaleup or scale down server size dynamically in graylog ?

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Yes you can.

What do you mean scaling down dynamically?
Are you referring to the scaling down from a cluster to one node? if so, yes you can.

@gsmith thanks for the reply…what would be the approach to scale down to one node? (I’m a newbie to graylog)

++ can we reduce instance size/type dynamically? if so…any sources/links to follow


Just a side note, I have down scaled my 6 node cluster before. It was tricky because that I didn’t lose all my data/indices from Elasticsearch. After that it was more reconfiguring my Graylog configuration files and MongoDb configuration file. Good luck


Yes you can.
as for links and resource not that I know of. They mostly up scale environments. Maybe another community member might jump in.

I did a quick search and found this.

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