Graylog docker image with openjdk11?


I was wondering when graylog switches to using java11 in the official docker images.
Docs say support for java8 and users, please test java11 for us. What is the progress there?


Hey @frankb, welcome!

Support for Java 11 was already implemented beginning with 3.x (as I’m sure you read) so it should work, although clearly the developers still don’t consider the testing so far robust enough to sign off on it. That being said we have been using Java 11 all along with our deployments of Graylog and haven’t had any issues. If you really prefer to use it you could create your own docker image replicating the configuration of the official image and include 11 instead of 8.

Not really a great solution but an intended consequence of using Docker.

I haven’t seen any information on a timeline to include 11 in the official image nor did I find anything about it while searching, but possibly @aaronsachs knows – he’s around all the time and full of helpful information.

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Heyo. AFAIK we don’t have a Java 11 container in the works. @frankb you’re more than welcome to open an issue on the Docker image repo GitHub - Graylog2/graylog-docker: Official Graylog Docker image to have that image built

Hi, issue opened on the Docker image repo.

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