Graylog docker-compose for production

Hello I am running graylog in version 4.1.0 using docker-compose but I came across a warning that I never saw before on any of the documentations about docker-compose not being suitable for production. I would to know why it isn’t suitable and if someone does have experience in using Graylog on docker-compose in a production environment.

Is that an error or an outdated warning ?
(you can see the warning on the download page Open)

I think docker is really great, especially to keep the software up to date so I would like information/recommendation to run in production with docker-compose.

Thanks for your help

I think you’re misreading the warning. It’s not that Docker compose, as a technology, isn’t suited for production. It’s that we’re not providing a production-ready version of a compose file, as production will have different needs for different organizations and we can’t possibly account for every single organization’s use case and provide you a bespoke compose file that would fit your production use case. Tweaking the compose file for your use case would be on you to do.


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