Graylog docker 3.2 login works but page stays gray after

I’ve been using Graylog via docker and docker-compose for weeks now on my development machine without problem. I’m now transferring it to my production system. I’m using a reverse proxy so I had to fight a bit to get the correct GRAYLOG_HTTP_EXTERNAL_URI and GRAYLOG_HTTP_PUBLISH_URI. I managed to get it to work and also configured my first input and received messages from the other services in my docker setup.
However, I am now suddenly no longer able to access the web interface. Actually I do get the login screen and I can type the password but then the page stays gray. It is not white, but gray. When looking into the web console I see that the server is continuously getting data:

The docker logs output of the server just says: Graylog server up and running.
Changing browsers, deleting cache and cookies did not help either.

I stopped everything, deleted the mongodb collection and also recreated the docker volume but no luck.
To recap:

  • The graylog docker container is up and accessbile
  • I am able to access the ligin page and graylog accepts my password
  • After login, the page stays gray but the web browser is getting data.

I am happy to provide more info:
docker container 3.2 from docker hub

I just opened my dev page and the production page side by side to see if I could spot differences. And yes there was one:

  • URL after login on dev: localhost:9000/search?q=&rangetype=relative&relative=300
  • URL after login on prod: So the url GET arguments are missing after login. I manually put them in to have and… SUCCESS. It worked.

The question remains why the default arguments are not set but right now it is enough for me to set a bookmark with the arguments defined and continue from there.

Now that I’ve reconfigured my input and created my first dashboard the URL is correct after login. So maybe just a fluke? Anyway. I can now finally enjoy Graylog in production!

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