Graylog displays UTC timestamp instead of configured CEST

Hello everyone,

our Graylog server runs in a Docker container set to the CEST timezone, the GRAYLOG_ROOT_TIMEZONE is set to CEST as well and in the Overview tab all three times are exactly the same:

User admin:
2020-09-24 15:37:00 +02:00
Your web browser:
2020-09-24 15:37:00 +02:00
Graylog server:
2020-09-24 15:37:00 +02:00

I have configured an Extractor that extracts the filebeat_timestamp field and converts it to the timestamp field. In the date converter I set the timezone to Europe/Berlin as their was no CEST available.

Now when I look at the log messages for the last five minutes for example, I can see exactly the right messages as per their filebeat_timestamp. Only the built-in graylog timestamp that should be overwritten is shown in UTC and therefore is two hours behind the actual time. You can see in the screenshot that in the time graph the timestamps seem to be correct, only in the table it doesn’t work.

As far as I understand Graylog always saves timestamps in UTC and then shows these parsed according to the timezone setting of the user. I tried multiple users with differing time zone settings but the timestamp in the table always stays at UTC while the time graph above has the correct timestamps.

Is there any way to fix this or did I overlook something?

Check your sending devices, that they also use correct timezone.

Hey there,

I checked the Docker containers from which the logs are harvested. They’re all running in CEST as well. The host machines are running in CEST, too.

I think it’s not necessary to convert filebeat_timestamp to timestamp, it should be done automatically by graylog. Check if filebeat send correct timestamp…

It is definitely necessary. If I don’t overwrite the timestamp with filebeat_timestamp it gets set to the time when the message was ingested to Graylog, not the actual time when it was harvested which can differ quite widely when the journal gets filled up for example.

I still tried deleting the Extractor and with it the conversion. Even without it I still get the wrong timestamp from Graylog.

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