Graylog dashboard

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need help to make dashboard

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  • OS Information:Graylog,Mikrotik,cisco,

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Can anyone suggest me how to do this type of dashboard.

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Have you already parsed the messages into individual fields?

No, This pic is just a sample.

So that’s going to be your first step, if you can post some examples of how the messages looks when they come in we can point you in the right direction. Once you have it parsed the rest is relatively easy.

firewall,info TCP_: TCP_ forward: in:TO_DIST_1_BONDING out:vlan238_INT, connection-mark:Padma connection-state:established,snat src-mac 18:fd:74:8c:7d:c8, proto TCP (ACK,FIN,PSH),>, NAT (>>, len 52

Okay so GROK is probably the best option to parse that log. There are lots of posts about it, YouTube etc, it’s basically using regex to extract all the parts.

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