Graylog: Difficulty in Producing Graphs and Dashboards

Description of your problem

Graylog can be hard to use. I have had much success with coupling ELK. Part of the success is that there were tonnes of tutorials online on how to get started. DigitalOcean published one just late 2020. Before then, I had used nsm-script (on github e.g. logstash-dfir/bro-ids_logstash.conf at master · timmolter/logstash-dfir · GitHub) containing tonnes of grok patterns to drop into logstash.
Part of the problem with graylog is that logstash is now useless as rsyslog takes over it. And for the logs and indices, I now need write regex and grok to create graphical output followed be a dashboard (a collection of several outputs).
Of course, graylog has its merit. It’s tightly coupled; hence ease of maintenance is assured.
I cannot create graphs and dashboards from my logs; see sample log messages below

Description of steps you’ve taken to attempt to solve the issue

Several of the limited information on this forum, marketplace, Internet search and so on have been processed to make a graph and dashboard but no luck.

Environmental information

Graylog 4.0.7+c3e766c

Operating system information

on (OpenJDK BSD Porting Team 1.8.0_292 on FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p1)

Package versions

Graylog 4.0.7+c3e766c

As a practical example, I have the few messages selected after runing a search with a few keywords.

        filterlog[75974]: 68,,,12004,igb0,match,block,in,4,0x0,,64,0,0,DF,17,udp,201,,,42486,7437,181

    filterlog[75974]: 173,,,1612113360,igb0,match,pass,in,4,0x0,,43,45698,0,DF,6,tcp,60,,,38076,4002,0,S,2079802503,,42340,,mss;sackOK;TS;nop;wscale

    suricata[46342]: [1:2210029:2] SURICATA STREAM ESTABLISHED invalid ack [Classification: Generic Protocol Command Decode] [Priority: 3] {TCP} ->

    filterlog[75974]: 216,,,1614348250,igb2,match,pass,in,4,0x0,,64,41762,0,none,17,udp,64,,,62691,53,44

    suricata[46342]: [1:2210045:2] SURICATA STREAM Packet with invalid ack [Classification: Generic Protocol Command Decode] [Priority: 3] {TCP} ->

    suricata[89495]: [1:2221034:1] SURICATA HTTP Request unrecognized authorization method [Classification: Generic Protocol Command Decode] [Priority: 3] {TCP} ->

    1 2020-03-20T15:41:12.371725+00:00 rsyslogd 7252 file '/var/log/maillog'[6] write error - see for help OS error: No space left on device [v8.2001.0 try ]

    suricata[25365]: {"timestamp": "2020-12-21T09:45:45.410870+0800", "flow_id": 1334437720184452, "in_iface": "pppoe0", "event_type": "dns", "src_ip": "", "src_port": 52134, "dest_ip": "", "dest_port": 53, "proto": "UDP", "dns": {"version": 2, "type": "answer", "id": 52445, "flags": "8400", "qr": true, "aa": true, "rrname": "", "rrtype": "A", "rcode": "NOERROR", "authorities": [{"rrname": "", "rrtype": "

    1 2020-10-01T17:09:17.497909+00:00 sm-mta 57473 091H9GsA057473: ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=<>, relay=[], reject=550 5.7.1 <>... Relaying denied. IP name lookup failed []

    suricata[46342]: [1:2260002:1] SURICATA Applayer Detect protocol only one direction [Classification: Generic Protocol Command Decode] [Priority: 3] {TCP} ->

    1 2021-08-01T12:25:01.453462+00:00 sv.hdns.lo dnsdist 12042 Marking downstream as 'up'

    1 2020-03-05T05:02:18.413455+00:00 dovecot 75430 imap-login: Login: user=<>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, mpid=89538, TLS, session=<ZUv0cBSgHTXKNCQz>

Are there goto examples for making graphs and dashboard from each? The templates on this forum are not detailed for a beginner. There are hardly free and effective plugins available in grayloy marketplace. There are scanty blogposts online. And so on. I am almost going back to ELK (here is one good documenttation - How To Install Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (Elastic Stack) on Ubuntu 20.04 | DigitalOcean). One problem with ELK is installing matching versions of Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash can sometimes be a herculean task on *BSD. If one gets them right, there are tonnes of logstash templates - *beat(filebeat/etc) - to use.

I had several dashboards providing great insights on our business network in the past years. Today, our business intelligence is practically zero. We have only got Graylog crunching logs from our firewall and /var/logs dir with not meaningful information. Please assist.


Unfortunately, log files don’t show me what the issue is on how to create Graphs/Dashboard.

  • What have you tried to do in creating Graphs/Dashboards?
  • Could you explain how you configured Graylog to ingest logs?
  • What type of logs are sent to Graylog?
  • Is it possible to show us what documentation did you try to use for Graphs and Dashboards?
  • Are you using default index?
  • Any Pipelines or extractors created?
  • Is it possible to show us what you want in Graphs/Dashboards?

Here are some resources I Googled, not sure if you seen them.

Here are some YouTube Videos

Hope that helps

Thank you Sir. I have gone back to activate *beat and they supposedly injecting into ES. While there is a network I/O rate, the rate of data is 0msg/s. Search for relevant keywords yield no result. And I have enabled appropriate plugins/modules for. Metricbeat.

I wanted to pipe *beat to logstash then get logstash to inject into ES but all logstash instance here are requesting a password (KDC/Kerberos ?) to run. Hence, *beat supposedly injects to ES but Graylog shows 0msg/s in rate and no output/log to show.

I have fixed the problem.*beats now indeed inject. I am now faced with this error - Graylog 3.0.1 - Unknown beats protocol version


Can I ask why your using Logstash Input instead of Graylog Input?
Why pipe *beat → logstash then get logstash → ES

Why not go this route. It seams simpler and has less errors.

Beat → Graylog Beat Input

The *beat → logstash then get logstash → ES never worked because logstash for no reason want requesting an authentication to run.
I am currently using Beat → Graylog Beat Input.

I shall come back in the next few days; hopefully, I would have o some interesting graphs or so by then.

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