Graylog collector dont send any data

Hello, I have a problem with graylog collector sidecar.
I try to send logs from collector-sidecar with filebeat to Graylog but nothing is displayed on the web interface.
My URL of Graylog is :

Graylog version : 2.4.6
ElasticSearch version : 2.4.0
Collector-sidecar version : 0.1.6


My file /etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/collector_sidecar.yml :

    update_interval: 10
    tls_skip_verify: false
    send_status: true
    collector_id: file:/etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/collector-id
    cache_path: /var/cache/graylog/collector-sidecar
    log_path: /var/log/graylog/collector-sidecar
    log_rotation_time: 86400
    log_max_age: 604800
        - linux
        - apache
        - name: nxlog
          enabled: false
          binary_path: /usr/bin/nxlog
          configuration_path: /etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/generated/nxlog.conf
        - name: filebeat
          enabled: true
          binary_path: /usr/bin/filebeat
          configuration_path: /etc/graylog/collector-sidecar/generated/filebeat.yml

The log file of collector-sidecar :

time="2018-10-30T11:41:39+01:00" level=info msg="[filebeat] Configuration change detected, rewriting configuration file."
time="2018-10-30T11:41:39+01:00" level=info msg="[filebeat] Stopping"
time="2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00" level=info msg="[filebeat] Starting (exec driver)"

The log of filebeat:

 > 2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Home path: [/usr/bin] Config path: [/usr/bin] Data path: [/var/cache/graylog/collector-sidecar/filebeat/data] Logs path: [/var/log/graylog/collector-sidecar]
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Metrics logging every 30s
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Beat UUID: 523e47ed-ab73-4020-9ccc-3e3983d9472a
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Setup Beat: filebeat; Version: 6.1.2
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Beat name: vl-d-0307
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 ERR  Not loading modules. Module directory not found: /usr/bin/module
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO filebeat start running.
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO No registry file found under: /var/cache/graylog/collector-sidecar/filebeat/data/registry. Creating a new registry file.
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Loading registrar data from /var/cache/graylog/collector-sidecar/filebeat/data/registry
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO States Loaded from registrar: 0
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 WARN Filebeat is unable to load the Ingest Node pipelines for the configured modules because the Elasticsearch output is not configured/enabled. If you have already loaded the Ingest Node pipelines or are using Logstash pipelines, you can ignore this warning.
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Loading Prospectors: 1
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Starting Registrar
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Starting prospector of type: log; ID: 13896357823230510981
>     2018-10-30T11:41:41+01:00 INFO Loading and starting Prospectors completed. Enabled prospectors: 1
>     2018-10-30T11:42:11+01:00 INFO Non-zero metrics in the last 30s: beat.memstats.gc_next=4194304 beat.memstats.memory_alloc=1355728 beat.memstats.memory_total=3175384 filebeat.harvester.open_files=0 filebeat.harvester.running=0 libbeat.config.module.running=0 libbeat.output.type=logstash libbeat.pipeline.clients=1 registrar.states.current=1 registrar.states.update=1 registrar.writes=2

And the file generated :


  • encoding: plain
    collector_node_id: vl-d-0307
    gl2_source_collector: c6ad1974-fdff-4044-8010-a13ff058dae4
    type: log
    ignore_older: 0
    • /var/log/test.log
      scan_frequency: 10s
      tail_files: true
      type: log
    • localhost:5044
      data: /var/cache/graylog/collector-sidecar/filebeat/data
      logs: /var/log/graylog/collector-sidecar
  • linux
  • apache

If some one have an idea…

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