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When attempting to modify anything in the Graylog GUI, I receive a 405 error. ie. if I try to delete an input it will say:

“Deleting input “test” failed with status: Error: cannot DELETE https://…(405)”

If I try to update my default index settings, I get a:

“Updating index set ‘Default index set’ failed with status: cannot PUT https://… (405)”

Basically anything I try to modify receives this error. However, I’m able to add new items such as a new input without any issues. I just can’t delete it afterwards.

I’m logged in as admin so I should have full privileges. I recently AD integrated my Graylog server a few weeks ago and things appeared to be working after that.

Anyone have any ideas?

Environmental information

Graylog 4.0.9 running on RHEL7.9. selinux enabled

Operating system information

RHEL7.9 x86_64

Package versions

  • Graylog - 4.0.9
  • MongoDB - 4.0.25
  • Elasticsearch - 7.13.3

When I receive these errors I see the 405 errors in the apache logs, but nothing in the graylog logs.

Hello && Welcome

Judging from your error 405 this might be the result of your web browser unable access the requested web page. This makes me think about permission or security (i.e. Firewall, Selinux, etc…) on Graylog server.

I assume you setup Apache to reverse proxy to Graylog? If so, did you configure, RewriteEngine RewriteCond RewriteRule ? or how did you configure Apache Config file?

Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like the issue was caused because our standard apache setup is only allowing GET, POST and HEAD methods. I guess for the first month of use of my Graylog server I just hadn’t done anything in the GUI which sends a PUT or DELETE method which is why it went unnoticed!

Thanks for posting back here how you resolved your issue. :slight_smile:
I’m quit sure someone will find it helpful

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