Graylog 4.0.6 Event Notification not working properly

Hello everyone,

we are using a single node Graylog and had the version 4.0.5.
We had an email notification with following body template:

------------------- [Notification] -----------------------

Title:                ${event_definition_title}
Timestamp:            ${event.timestamp}
${if backlog}


${foreach backlog message}
Message: ${message.message}
Source: ${message.source}
Timestamp: ${message.timestamp}
------------------ SENT VIA GRAYLOG ----------------------

It worked perfectly as seen below (This was the e-mail I got):

------------------- [Notification] -----------------------

Title:                System-Prod-Info-Finished
Timestamp:            2021-04-19T10:43:01.218Z

Message: System finished.
Timestamp : 2021-04-19T10:43:01.218Z

------------------ SENT VIA GRAYLOG ----------------------

After updating to graylog 4.0.6 it only sends the following and ignores the backlog:
Everything after $(if backlog) is empty.

------------------- [Notification] -----------------------

Title:                System-Prod-Info-Finished
Timestamp:            2021-04-21T10:00:01.218Z

I’ve seen that there was a change:

How can I fix my problem?
Thanks in advance


Hello and Welcome.
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Thank you.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but your issue is missing Event Definition Metadata?
I’m running GL 4.0.6 which was upgrade from 4.0.5, but I haven’t run into notification issues yet.
Have you tried recreating the Notification template again and reattaching to the Event Definition?
Does your Notification template look something like this?

--- [Event Definition] ---------------------------
Title:       ${event_definition_title}
Description: ${event_definition_description}
Type:        ${event_definition_type}
--- [Event] --------------------------------------
Timestamp:            ${event.timestamp}
Message:              ${event.message}
Source:               ${event.source}
Key:                  ${event.key}
Priority:             ${event.priority}
Alert:                ${event.alert}
Timestamp Processing: ${event.timestamp}
Timerange Start:      ${event.timerange_start}
Timerange End:        ${event.timerange_end}
${foreach event.fields field}  ${field.key}: ${field.value}
${if backlog}
--- [Backlog] ------------------------------------
Last messages accounting for this alert:
${foreach backlog message}

Hello gsmith,
thank you for your answer.
You understood my problem correct: the metadata of the event definition is gone, since the last update.
I recreated the Notification template, and even if I use the standard template, I don’t get the information.

Even if I use your template,(which seems to be exactly like the one when I create a new notification) I get the info, but I don’t see anything after ${if backlog}. It just doesnt exist.

If I remove the ${if backlog} and ${foreach backlog message} and just use Message: ${message.message} it is just empty. If I use Message: ${event.message} I receive the name of the event definition, but not the log-message I was expeting.

SOLVED: I found my error: I removed the checkbox in the event definition at “Notification → Message Backlog”. I’ve clicked the checkbox again with a value of 50 (the Number of messages to be included in Notifications.) Now I am receiving my messages again.

Thank to everyone who tried to help me!

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I’m glad you solved it, I just read you post and was going to tell you about event definition check box.

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