Graylog 3.2.4 migration

I am running graylog 3.2.4 in EKS with a Elasticsearch cluster in AWS, and I need to move the graylog to a new EKS cluster.

Is there a way to migrate user config/data from old EKS to new EKS? I assume this will be similar to migration config/data from old server to new server?


I am going to answer my own question. Below worked out for me:

  • mongodb dump on older deployment, do below from mongodb pod console
    mkdir /var/tmp/backup
    mongodump --db graylog --out /var/tmp/backup/
    tar czvf /var/tmp/graylog_backup.tgz /var/tmp/backup/graylog

  • copy backup to local

kubectl cp graylog/graylog-mongodb-replicaset- 0 :/var/tmp/graylog_backup.tgz ./graylog_backup.tgz

  • copy backup to new mongodb pod deployment
    kubectl cp ~/graylog_backup.tgz graylog/graylog-mongodb-replicaset- 0 :/var/tmp/graylog_backup.tgz

  • restore

cd /var/tmp

tar xzvf graylog_backup.tgz

mongorestore -d graylog --drop ./graylog

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