Graylog 3.1 using extractor in email subject

I want something very simple but for some reason i can’t get it working

my extractor works and is shown in the email where
{foreach event.fields field} {field.key}: ${field.value} is used

my extractor name is check_user

How to use it in the email subject?
${event.fields.check_user} ??

It seems the docs are under development but im getting crazy not managing something that simple…


Ok a part of my mistake was event.fields

Correct value is ${message.fields.check_user}.
Then my value shows up in the email body but NOT in the subject…
Is this even possible?

no - that is not possible in the subject.

Ok thanks for confirming! will add it as feature request.

It would be great to have this feature, I also miss it.

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