Extractors value in body of notifications

Hi all,

i can’t undestand how to call an extractor variable inside the body of email notifications.
In legacy alarm callbacks i use for example ${message.fields.from} but in new configuration which is the right syntax?


Hello, syntax is the same also in latest version 3.1

Check if you setup correctly Message Backlog parameter in Alerts - Event Definitions - Edit - tab Notification, check field Message Backlog and set to 1. It’s a number of messages to be included in Notification, if 0 no field will be extracted in message.

I use for example this snippet after user connect to switch:

${if backlog}
${foreach backlog message}
    User ${message.fields.username} connected to switch ${message.source} from IP ${message.fields.src_ip}

You can use same syntax also in Subject field, for example I use:

Graylog event notification: {event_definition_title} to switch {foreach backlog message}{message.source}{end} from IP {foreach backlog message}{message.fields.src_ip}${end}

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perfect resolved
thank you very much :grin:

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