Graylog 3.1 New Features - Training

Hi there,

Graylog 3.1 is now available to make your job easier and faster! Learn how to use the new features in your daily routine in a webinar with our technical expert Nick Carstensen. We will demo an investigation, visualizing the data and setting it up for re-use in your next investigation. We will also set up a few correlation alerts that you might use to let you know an investigation is needed. Get all your questions answered in the Q&A session at the end.

Date - Thursday, Sep 5 2019 from 10AM - 10:30AM Central time (US & Canada)

Register here to view it live or get a link to the recording -

Hope you can join us!
Team Graylog

When I click on the link a video box opens and with the message

“You cannot view this recording”
“No permission”

Thank you

you can find the recording at this location: