Gray log server not receiving logs

Dear All,

I have installed gray log server as below.

Rocky Linux 8.9 X64

The first input was a cisco switch

configure as below

logging host (Graylog server ip address ) transport udp port 5140
logging trap level informational

On graylog server
SystemInputs, choose syslog udp from the list and click on Launch new input
and save it

when I click on show received messages no messages are received by the graylog server
I have set the Graylog firewall to off

Apprecite if some one can advise me
also any help as to how I can check if the messages are comming to the graylog server

Thanks and regards


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Are you seeing any traffic on the stats to the right of the input, active connections etc

Dear Joel,

Sorry for the late reply
Actually, the issue was wrong port config.
its working now



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